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Nicked named as "a market for buying and selling dates," WhatsYourPrice allows men to locate attractive women who are interested in getting paid some cash to go on dates. This company claims to have helped more than 650,000 men and women go on dates, and has been featured in Forbes, TIME, the Daily Mail, and more.

WhatsYourPrice.com was created by the founders of SeekingArrangement.com in 2003, and is based out of Las Vegas, NV. The company holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, with only five closed complaints over the past three years. Online customer reviews about this site appear to be primarily negative, and the most common complaints account for the fact that there are many fake profiles that are only intended to take your money, women who are materialistic, and a prevalence of escorts.

How WhatsYourPrice Works

WhatsYourPrice claims to be a patent-pending online dating system whose purpose it is to give generous members access to attractive people they normally would not be able to meet, and to take you from single to dating with one offer. As such, there are two types of WhatsYourPrice.com members:

Generous Members: These are Men who are looking to go on a date. After searching the WhatsYourPrice.com website and viewing a woman he’d like to contact, Generous Members will make an offer. Once an agreement is reached, the conversation begins.

Beautiful Members: These are Women who are looking to get paid to go on a date. After being contacted by a Generous Member, women can choose to accept their offer, decline it, or negotiate further. If accepted, women will then go out on a first date with the man.

With this in mind, if dating “anyone, anywhere, anytime for the right price” sounds like something you’d enjoy, you’ll first need to sign up for an account, create a profile, and wait up to 24 hours for approval. Worthy of Note is the fact that when signing up for a dummy account, there is no waiting period. Once this is complete, you’ll then need to choose your paid membership level. After paying for your package, you can browse profiles on the site, and if you find one, you’re interested in, you can send a “flirt” which is just a quick notification that you’re interested in chatting. If the woman accepts your flirt, then you can send a first date offer, which is when you’ll start needing to use credits. From here on out, any communication with the lady will cost you credits.

According to the WhatsYourPrice website, members can have their backgrounds verified, though this is not mandatory, and costs additional money. In addition, the company provides a dating guarantee that’s fairly extensive, so be sure to read through the whole document. All Beautiful Members are guaranteed to be real, though one of the top complaints we encountered during our research cited fake profiles only intended to take your money.

A look at the Sign-Up Process

All profiles and photos are approved in 10 minutes or less. The initial sign-up page only asks for your basic info like your height, body type, income, location and what you’re looking for. SugarDaddyForMe.com doesn’t match by personality traits or interests it’s up to you to find somebody local who you’re attracted to based mainly on their profile picture.

You also have the ability to set your personal preferences in the control panel. You can update your information, create a wishlist for gifts (more useful for sugar babies) and even fill out a weekend planner that indicates when you’re busy, when you’re free and even when you’re asleep. It’s rather a quaint feature.

WhatsYourPrice.com Pricing & Refund Policy

    While WhatsYourPrice.com is free to join and requires no subscriptions, similar to other dating sites, it uses a credit-based system for contacting other members. Packages are priced as follows:
  • $50 = 100 credits
  • $150 = 450 credits
  • $250 = 1,000 credits
  • Verified member = additional $50

Whichever package you choose, charges are non-recurring, which means you must manually purchase more once you run out. According to the WhatsYourPrice.com Terms of Use, there are no refunds under any circumstance.

Advantages of this site:

Allows men to date beautiful women they may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Men can send cash offers to women for first dates, so the more you’re willing to spend, the more likely it is that you’ll land a date.


If you’re not interested in dating women who are primarily interested in money, this may not be the site for you.
Most common complaints include allegations of fake profiles only intended to waste your money, women who are materialistic, and a prevalence of escorts.

Final Verdict

While we definitely read reviews from men who claimed to have had success with WhatsYourPrice.com, the overwhelming majority of reviews cited no (or very meager) success. In addition, since all contact with other members requires the use of credits, it can become expensive quickly.

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